Ignite the Spirit Greensboro is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was established to assist Greensboro firefighters and their families in times of financial hardship. The Ignite The Spirit Greensboro board members include Greensboro firefighters as well as civilians – all with a passion to provide support to the firefighters and families of the Greensboro Fire Department.

The flagship version of Ignite the Spirit began in 2003 when a meeting of the minds between several Chicago Firefighters came together to create an organization that would help others in need; our brothers and sisters on the job that have fallen victim to life’s unjust hardships.  To view the Chicago flagship Firefighter charity, please visit; www.ignitethespirit.org

After we in Greensboro lost our brother, Captain Will Caviness while he was running the 2011 Chicago Marathon, the idea of starting a charity to assist the family members of the Greensboro Fire Department members was born.  Enter the Chicago Ignite the Spirit brothers and sisters who so graciously donated to Will’s family after his passing.  There was a bond that was formed then between Chicago Fire and Greensboro Fire that will live on in Will’s memory.  When members of the Chicago charity visited Greensboro, NC while riding bicycles cross country to raise funds for pediatric cancers, the idea of starting a Greensboro version of the already successful Ignite the Spirit Foundation was born. Ignite the Spirit of Greensboro was then started in 2012.

With the expansion of Ignite the Spirit of Greensboro we now have the charity we have all dreamed of to assist the families of those Greensboro Fire brothers and sisters in need.  Perhaps our pride as men and women on the job is what keeps us from reaching out in times of need. Our goal is to be able to walk into a brother or sisters house if needed, hand them a check, say a few kind words, and give a hug ensuring them things will get better.  Ignite the Spirit will continue on without fanfare, every day, and lives true by the slogan, “We’re HERE When You Need Us”.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Ignite the Spirit.  Your support in spreading the word of our Foundation and the extent of assistance that we will hopefully be able to provide is our top priority. Ignite the Spirit has the potential to be great, and SHOULD be great – we all need a little help when life throws you a curve ball.  Ignite the Spirit Greensboro wants to be in a position to offer immediate assistance.

We all know in this profession that it is not about you it is about taking care of the person next to you and that we take care of each other and our immediate families and Fire Department family. We all came into this profession to help others on their worst day – sometimes our fellow fire department brothers and sisters need help as well.

As always, we appreciate your encouragement and continued support. Your support is our success! Thank you for supporting our Firefighter Charity, and attending our Firefighter Fundraisers. Please check back often and take time to visit our online store.

Ignite the Spirit Greensboro Board:

President;  Jason Chamberlain, GFD Fire Engineer

Vice President;  Sean Caviness, GFD Captain

Treasurer; Brad Shumate, GFD Captain

Co-Secretary;  Jenny Caviness, Civilian

Co-Secretary; Jeff Allen, GFD Firefighter

Board Members:

Patricia Maloney, Civilian

Peter McRae, GFD Firefighter

Karen McRae, Civilian

Justin Price, GFD Captain